UConn Sports Roundup for Sunday, October 9th

Here is the summary of today’s games. A larger preview of the week to come will be posted tonight or tomorrow.

Women’s Soccer: The Huskies lost to Marquette 3-0 on the road, and were outshot 24-8. Not even close. The Huskies host Pitt and West Virginia next weekend to wrap up their home schedule.

Field Hockey: It looked like the #4 ranked Huskies might be victim of an upset, trailing unranked Virginia 1-0 late. But goals from Chloe Hunnable and Justine Angelini in the final minutes led the Huskies to a 2-1 victory. Next up, a week from today, Princeton will roll into Storrs to face the Huskies.

Women’s Ice Hockey: The Huskies tied with Clarkson, 3-3, and are now 0-2-2 on the season. The Huskies begin a two game series at home next Friday against Minnesota-Duluth. Sami Evelyn, Emily Snodgrass, and Jocelyn Slattery each had goals for the Huskies and Alexandra Garcia made 38 saves.

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