Medical Issues – Taking a Break

I have been having some medical issues which I may talk about more at a later date. In any case, I will require hospitilization and surgery and will miss the fall semester at UConn due to a medical leave of absence. Needless to say, I will not be attending any UConn games until Spring 2012 semester. It appears that my first game back will be women’s hoops vs. UNC on the 16th (Monday) but that’s not for sure yet. If it’s at XL and there’s no bus, it won’t happen, and there could be a men’s game first. I will be watching my Huskies on line (with and Huskis All Access on plus possibly Husky HoopStreams and an Atlantic Hockey subscription) but it’s not the same as going to games. But my health comes first, and it is what it is. I’ll be back in the spring, and I just want this health stuff to be over. Those who know me personally, I’ll contact you and let you know what’s going on. Those who just read this blog for fun, believe me, I’d rather be at school now.

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