Top 10 Games Countdown #6: Men’s Basketball vs. Stony Brook, November 12, 2010

Note: I neglected to post this entry this past week on Monday as I should have. Therefore, it will be posted now, game #5, which should have been posted today, will be posted on FRIDAY, and I will resume the normal schedule next Monday with game #4.

What: Men’s Basketball vs Stony Brook

When: Friday, November 12, 2010 (original post)

Where: Gampel Pavillion

Result: Win 79-52

This was my first UConn basketball game that actually counted. I had been to a men’s and women’s  exhibition game, and I had been at Gampel several times for women’s volleyball, but this was something else entirely. The game was nearly sold out, it was opening night, and the student section was crazy.

This was not a remarkable game in itself. UConn won in a blowout, as would be expected against a lesser opponent like the Seawolves. However, as has been a theme throughout this countdown, the fact that it was the FIRST basketball game I attended (or at least the first that meant anything) was enough to get it this high on the list. I would attend many more basketball games throughout the season, both at Gampel and XL Center, but this was one of the most memorable contests I have seen merely because it was the first. As a spoiler (roll over to highlight it and see it if you want to, otherwise don’t do it) there is only one other men’s game on this list as well as one women’s game, and they were both much more exciting in terms of on-the court action than this one was.

In any case, we all remember what came first. I remember far more about this game than I do about the second men’s game I attended, November 30 against New Hampshire (which apparently I didn’t make a blog post about here, although I know I was at that game and the Game Log agrees with me). So, this game will always be memorable for me, even if it was a blowout.

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