Top 10 Games of 2010-11 Countdown Game 7: Men’s Soccer Big East Tournament First Round vs. DePaul

What: Men’s Soccer Big East Tournament First Round vs. DePaul (original post)

When: Friday, November 5, 2010, 7:30 PM

Where: Joseph J. Morrone Stadium

Result: UConn wins 2-0

This was my first Big East postseason contest of any kind. Of course, the second would be just a day later but still, first is always memorable (which as a hint, will prove to be a theme throughout this countdown). Anyway, it was a great night for soccer although we didn’t know if the game would be played or not until a few hours earlier. Heavy rains had postponed the game already, and we didn’t know if the field would be suitable for play. I’m glad Goal Patrol didn’t have to dredge the field like we shoveled it before an NCAA Tournament match a few years ago.

But anyway, the game itself was awesome. UConn won easily, 2-0, and I had a great time making fun of the DePaul goalkeeper. Even though it meant I had no voice for the Field Hockey tournament that weekend. Oh well. It was worth it. And then some old guy who was there with his high school kids assumed I was drunk (I hadn’t even been drinking) and then assumed that I had consumed ALCOHOL from the cup of hot chocolate WHICH WASN’T EVEN MINE and quite clearly had had hot chocolate in it. Well, that was awkward. But hopefully our soccer team can have a better tournament result next year, and more hopefully, I can watch the NCAA Tournament game. I was at home for the contest vs. Brown this year, and couldn’t even watch the webstream because it was down due to a power failure. We’ll see.  For now, Go Huskies, and stay tuned next Monday for game number 6.

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