Top 10 Games of 2010-11 Countdown Number 8: Women’s Field Hockey Big East Semifinal vs. Louisville

Number 8 on my Top 10 Games I attended at UConn in the 2010-11 season

What: Women’s Field Hockey Big East Semifinal vs. Louisville (click here for original posting)

When: Saturday, November 6th, 2010, 1:30 PM

Where: George J. Sherman Family Sports Complex

Result: UConn win 2-1

This was the second Big East postseason event I attended. The first was the men’s soccer game vs. DePaul the night before. I arrived at Sherman early in the morning, received my free admission ticket as a student of a Big East school, hung around for the first half of Syracuse-Rutgers, then went to get lunch at the Student Union during halftime. I returned during the second half and watched the Orange seal up a blowout victory, before staying in my seat to watch this game.

While it was awkward seeing the Huskies in their road blues at home, this was still a fun experience. We got the win over a very good Louisville team who had beaten us during the regular season. And it started looking good for us when the Cardinals’ star player was ejected in the middle of the first half. We would go on to win this game 2-1. This was a fun-filled weekend of Big East matchups for me, between the men’s soccer Friday night, and field hockey Saturday and Sunday, it was an awesome weekend. Unfortunately, we aren’t hosting any Big East Tournament games in any sport next year, with the possible exception that Women’s basketball may be in Hartford (it hasn’t been announced). And of course, WBB won’t be during Spring Break this year, so they may give us a bus down there. Who knows? The women’s soccer semifinals and championship will be at Morrone Stadium in 2012, which should be fun. But since those don’t actually start in the semifinals, the Huskies may have to win one or two games to get there. And it won’t be fun if UConn isn’t playing on our own campus. But I’ve got a year and a half until we get there. For now, stay tuned next week for game number 7. I may be posting it on Tuesday due to Memorial Day on Monday. There’s also a possibility I’ll post it Sunday evening, (hopefully) along with some commentary on our baseball team (hopefully) winning the Big East championship. Stay tuned, and go Huskies!

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