End of Year: What is Coming Up

So the 2010-11 academic and athletic seasons are winding down. I will be going home Sunday, May 8 and will be attending my last athletic event of the year at latest May 7. So here’s what’s on tap for the end of season update for this blog

  • Sometime the week after I get home, I will be posting a summary of my athletic spectating experiences for this season. This will likely be a lengthy post.
  • I will also be counting down the Top 10 Athletic events that I was at this season. I will likely make one post a day starting in the middle of May. Alternatively, I may make one post a week to take us through July. I honestly don’t know what I plan on doing yet. We will see.
  • In general though, this blog will be pretty dead over the summer. I may post the occasional commentary, but not much.
  • I am tentatively saying I will begin posting stuff for 2011-12 on August 15. But that’s not final yet by any means.
  • Go Huskies!
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