Return of the Blog: Plus Schedule through April 24th

Well, this blog has finally returned after a long time without UConn on-campus events. Also, I have been informed that my post regarding the Basketball Championship Viewing Party didn’t go through, but for some reason it’s not in my drafts. I may rewrite it later, maybe not. Also, keep in mind I am Jewish and will be observing Passover next week, so I will not be at anything Monday or Tuesday, and only possibly the rest of the days. But here’s what the schedule looks like


(Y)- Will Attend

(P) – Probably Attending

(M) – Might Attend

(D) – Doubtful to Attend

Saturday, April 16th:

12:00 PM: Softball Doubleheader vs. Pittsburgh – Game 2 at 2:00 PM (P)

Sunday, April 17th:

11:00 AM: Softball vs. Pittsburgh (P)

Wednesday, April 20:

4:00 PM: Softball vs. UMass (D)

Thursday, April 21:

3:00 PM: Baseball vs. Georgetown (M)

4:00 PM: Women’s Lacrosse vs. Cincinnati (M)

Saturday, April 23:

12:00 PM: Women’s Lacrosse vs. Louisville (M)

1:00 PM: Baseball vs. Georgetown (M)

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