February 20, 2011 (Game 55): Women’s Ice Hockey vs. Northeastern

What: Women’s Ice Hockey vs. Northeastern

When: February 20, 2011, 1:00 PM

Where: Mark Edward Frietas Ice Forum

Result: Tie 1-1

This was not nearly as high-scoring or exciting as the Men’s Game the night before. But being Senior Day, it was still pretty fun. The UConn lineup was introduced by nicknames, for instance “CHASE” although some I didn’t understand. If anyone could provide insight on this, it would be great. Leave it in the comments.

Of course, there’s no admission fee for Women’s Hockey, unlike for the men (although students still typically get in free for the latter) which makes it all the nicer. And there are fewer people, which makes it quieter yet fun somehow. Attendance was listed at 258, or roughly a third to a quarter of what the men typically attract.

As for the game itself, it was interesting. We got a goal in the first period, the visiting Huskies got a goal in the second, and it was scoreless for the rest of the game including overtime. But Alexandra Garcia, our goalie, made 43 saves. Amazing. Pretty good game. And we’ll face them again in a Hockey East quarterfinal next Saturday.

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