February 13 (Game 50): Men’s Basketball vs. Providence

What: Men’s Basketball vs. Providence

When: Sunday, February 13, 7:00 PM

Where: Gampel Pavillion

Result: Win 75-57

I arrived at this game only an hour before tip or so due to a delayed return from the Hockey Fest. This meant that I was sitting a bit higher up then I wanted, but still in the lower level. This started out looking like we were going to play horribly. The fans were getting restless and booing, but thankfully Providence wasn’t making shots either. We went on a mini run to close the half and led 33-30. We then woudn up tied 39-39 but then Combs-McDaniel went on an amazing point rampage and led us to a 75-57 victory. I unfortunately left with a few minutes to go because I wasn’t feeling well (although I felt fine an hour later – strange) but I saw most of the game. It was the second game I was at in the same day, which meant some of my energy was zapped, but it was still pretty good. Next up is Women’s Basketball vs. Oklahoma tonight, and we’ve got a pretty busy week with three basketball games and two hockey games. Should be fun.

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