Blog News: Game Log Added

I have just added a page to the Blog with a list of every UConn game I have attended.  You can view it at or by clicking “The Game Log” on the top menu. Some notes:

  • Any UConn game I attended is included, as is any game that I attended as part of a doubleheader involving UConn (such as tournament games, or the Women’s Basketball Worldvision Challenge earlier this season). However, if UConn wasn’t playing it’s not included in the game count (you’ll see what I mean when you go there)
  • I have attended 48 games so far. That means the Whalers Hockey Fest today will be game 49, and the Providence Men’s Basketball game will be game 50 (although I may or may not wind up going to that one – we’ll see how I feel after the Hockey Fest.)
  • It also lists UConn’s record up to and including each game. Right now, UConn is 37-7-4 in games I’ve attended.
  • I also listed the longest streaks (in games I was at, of course). As a note, I could not decide whether to use Unbeaten Streak or winning streak, because in some sports a tie is a real possibility while in others it’s nonexistent (or highly unlikely). So, I included both. Come spring, with just lacrosse, baseball, and softball, none of which have ties, I’m guessing that these two will be the same. And the longest winning streak (11 games) included only basketball games, in which there could not conceivably have even been a tie. Meanwhile the longest unbeaten streak (14 games) included three ties and no win streak longer than five games. So choose which one you like best.
  • Some of the games have posts here and others don’t. I will try to add the links to the older games that are already listed at some point, and in the future, as I make each post I will post the link to the entry in the log.
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