Saturday, January 29th: Men’s Basketball vs. Louisville

What: Men’s Basketball vs. Louisville

When: Saturday, January 29th, 2011, 12:00 PM

Where: Gampel Pavilion

Result: Loss, 79-78, 2OT


Let me just start out by saying that in spite of the loss, this was a very exciting game to watch. Back and forth the entire time. We were up by about 7 with only a few minutes left, but thanks to missed free throws and bad possessions, the Cardinals came back to send it into overtime. And then another OT. My first OT at a UConn basketball game, and my second. But we lost. With about 4 seconds left, the Cardinals made a free throw but missed the second. 79-78. Kemba Walker launched a three-pointer from half court that nearly went in. But it didn’t. If it did though, the entire arena would go crazy.

At first, I thought that I would have trouble getting a seat in the lower level. As it would turn out, though, due to snow removal efforts nobody could line up until 6 AM. I got there around 10:45, and wound up near the back of the lower level. Still good seats though. Better than for the Nova game. It was a disappointing loss, especially since we could have been #3 in the nation with a win. But next up is Syracuse. That’s going to be a huge game and I think we have to win. Two losses in a row could drop us out of the Top 10 and send us on the same downward spiral that doomed us last season.

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