Fall 2010 Countdown #4: Women’s Soccer Pulls out OT win vs. Penn State

It’s time for the #4 game of Fall 2010 Semester in our countdown. This game was played on September 5, 2010, which was before this blog started, so I have no previous review.

However, this was my first women’s soccer game. I had attended a little bit of the game vs. Illinois two days earlier, but left because the weather was nasty (thank you Hurricane Earl). This game, however, I would attend in its entirety. And I’m glad I did.

I had previously attended multiple men’s games with the Goal Patrol (an exhibition vs. Boston University, as well as meaningful games vs. St. Francis and Yale). But this was my first experience seeing Morrone for a women’s game (excluding the few minutes I was at the Illinois game for).

It was also my first brush with the Goal of the Game contest. I picked Linda Ruutu. Turned out, Devin Prendergast got the first goal. Nobody won, because, in the words of the intern working the table, “she was a midfielder”. Well, Ruutu was a midfielder too. Don’t I get credit for that? Well, to date, I haven’t won a GotG contest, though I’ve entered at soccer, field hockey, and ice hockey games. Hopefully I will eventually.

As for the game itself, Penn State got a quick goal to go up 1-0. But then UConn evened it up 1-1 at halftime on the aforementioned Prendergast goal. They would go up 2-1 after Jessica Shufelt scored, but the Nittany Lions would even it up at 2-2 and send it into overtime.

College, unlike FIFA, has golden goal (ie sudden death). So, when Shufelt scored again a couple minutes into overtime, that ended the game right there. A very exciting finish to what had been a very exciting game. Not bad for my first time there.

I would only attend a couple more women’s soccer games this year (the first half of Notre Dame and about two minutes of the DePaul game before heading over to Field Hockey) but hopefully I’ll be able to attend more next year.

For now, though, we had a pretty good season, and let’s look to improve next year.

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