• It has been brought to my attention that I have not posted a review for the Women’s game vs. Baylor. I am currently about to finish packing, before going to bed and heading home tomorrow morning for Thanksgiving. I should post at some time while I am there.
  • Also, apparently SUBOG is not selling bus tickets for the football game vs. Cincinnati. Therefore, I will not be attending. I have been unable to sell my ticket, and am quite desperate at this point. If anyone is still on campus and is reading this blog, I will give you the ticket for FREE. Email me at ASAP and we will arrange to meet tomorrow morning. I also recommend texting me. I am not giving out my phone on this blog, but send a text (from your phone, or if that doesn’t work, use to (which should then forward it to my cell phone). (I am leaving at around 11 or whenever my dad gets here. I would like to conduct the exchange at 10 AM at the latest, because I’m not waiting for you if my dad arrives to pick me up.)  I’ll probably be asleep unless you do this within the next half hour (dead campus = no incentive to stay up late) so I’ll get back to you in the morning. Specify a time you want to meet me (my alarm is set for 8 AM so don’t expect me to get your message before then). Unless you specify otherwise, meet me in front of Whitney Hall (East Campus). I am not going to go very far, but I do plan on heading to Starbucks for breakfast (much closer than Putnam + better food = fine by me), so keep that in mind. I would be willing to meet you there.
  • That is all. This will probably be my final post before Thanksgiving (except for the Baylor review and possibly a report on the football game vs. Syracuse) so Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
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