November 14th, 2010: Women’s Basketball vs. Holy Cross

What: Women’s Basketball vs. Holy Cross

When: Sunday, November 14th, 2010, 2:00 PM

Result: Win 117-37

Summary: Wow, my first Regular Season UConn Women’s Basketball Game, and we win by 80. Only bad part is we will probably never have such a blowout again during my tenure here. But it was amazing. Tiffany Hayes got 30 points in the first half, which was as many as Holy Cross did. And HC only got 7 in the second half (Tiffany got 2, before we took her out). But it was fantastic. And they had the first student prize giveaway of the season, even though I didn’t win. Just as well. I don’t want Usher Jingle Jam tickets anyway. I’d rather have PC Richard Gift Card.



Fan Friendliness: No issues to report here. Fans were very good, very respectful, overall a good atmosphere. Rating: 10/10

Fan Enthusiasm: Pretty enthusiastic, though many left when we got up by 50+ points. But still a good job cheering even when it was over. Rating: 14/15

Event Atmosphere: Good atmosphere. Prize giveaway at the end, Dance Cam (I got on) and much more. Pretty fun. Rating: 13/15

Atmosphere Total: 37/40


Quality of Play: Holy Cross looked terrible out there. We looked dominant. But it’s ok. This is an interesting one to rate because we dominated so much. Rating: 11/20

Excitement: Not much. It was over before halftime. Heck, it was over before tipoff. Nevertheless, we wanted to see how much we could win by. Rating: 3/10

Quality of UConn Play: Utter Domination. Need I say more? Rating: 10/10

Result: Win 10/10

On-field total: 34/40


Clarity of Fan Communication: No issues: Rating 5/5

Magnitude of Event: Opening day, but it’s just another game. Baylor on Tuesday will be huge, but this one really is a game we knew we’d win and we did. Rating: 8/15

Size of Crowd: Half full or so. I expected better, for such a good team. Rating: 8/15

Other total: 21/35

Overall total: 92/125

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