Blog Update: Men’s Soccer Postponed, Where We Go From Here

I just got word that tonight’s Men’s Soccer game has been postponed. According to a source in Goal Patrol, the game will be made up at 7:30 tomorrow evening. We don’t know where yet though. An announcement will be made by 11 AM tomorrow, and if the field is playable the game will be at Morrone, and if not, it will be in Bridgeport. I will not be making the trip to Bridgeport, but if it’s at Morrone, I’m going. Here’s what happens as a result:

  • I will be in attendance at the Women’s Basketball game tonight vs. Franklin Pierce. As this is an exhibition game, it will be reviewed and rated but not counted in the overall ratings.
  • If Morrone is playable and the game is there tomorrow night, I will be attending that in place of the Men’s Ice Hockey Game vs. Canisius. Saturday events (Field Hockey and Ice Hockey) remain as normal.
  • If the game is moved to Bridgeport, I will not be attending the soccer game and will attend Ice Hockey as originally planned.

As always, I will keep you posted and look for another announcement in the late morning tomorrow, as well as a review of the Women’s BB game.

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