More Blog News October 23rd

here is another update on blog news:

  • First, just for clarification as we approach the championship season: Conference or NCAA Tournament Games hosted by UConn and designated as to be played at “campus sites” such as the first round/quarterfinals of the Big East Soccer Tournament will be counted as UConn sporting events if they are played at UConn. However, tournaments which are hosted by UConn specifically (such as the Big East Field Hockey Championship this year) will also be rated and reviewed if I am in attendance but will not be used in the overall ratings for the sport.
  • Just clarification for Swimming and Diving (and any other meet that involves more than two schools): The “result” rating for these will be used with 10 representing first place, 0 representing last, and every other place spaced evenly in between. In the event of a tie for a ranking, the score will be equal to the average of the two (or more) ranking scores that they are tied for. For example, today’s meet includes 5 schools. A first place finish earns 10 points, a second place earns 7.5, third place 5, fourth place 2.5 and 5th place (last) 0 points. Note that all scores will be rounded to no more than 2 decimal places. If UConn ties for second with one other team, their score for result will be equal to the average of 7.5 and 5, which is (7.5+5)/2 = 12.5/2=6.25. Also note that for meets where Men and Women compete simultaneously but are scored and ranked separately, there will be two separate ratings for the event. These ratings will be identical in all categories with the exception of the on-the-field ratings (Quality of Play, Excitement, Quality of UConn Play, and Result). This ensures two things. First, it makes the ratings more accurate. Second, on the rare occasions when it is either just men or just women competing (which I believe happens only once this season) it allows us to rate them alone.
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