October 17th: Field Hockey vs. Princeton

What: Field Hockey vs. Princeton

When: October 17th, 2:00 PM

Result: Win 4-2

Summary: At first I was planning to go to the Women’s Soccer game vs. DePaul for the first half before this one, but due to Senior Day ceremonies that didn’t start until 1:30, so I stayed for about 5 minutes before heading to Sherman. So that doesn’t get a review. But this does. We won 4-2, were up 2-0. They tied 2-2 but then we won. So good job Huskies.



Fan Friendliness: Crowd was very friendly. But there were a lot of Princeton fans screaming “GO TIGERS!” Rating: 9/10

Fan Enthusiasm: Princeton and UConn fans were all somewhat enthusiastic. But not that much. Rating: 8/15

Event Atmosphere: Once again, I missed the trivia question (in restroom during halftime). But someone won this time. And they had free pizza and t-shirts (the latter I missed since I was at women’s soccer.) Rating: 9/15

Atmosphere rating: 26/40


Quality of Play: Overall well-competing. Princeton is a good team and so are we. And it was 3-2 until we got a goal with 4 seconds left. Very competitive. Rating: 18/20

Excitement: Very exciting. Close at least until 4 second left goal when we knew it was over. Rating: 8/10

Quality of Uconn Play: Very good too. We played well. Rating: 9/10

Result: Win 10/10

On-field Overall: 45/50


Clarity of Fan Communication: No issues here. Rating: 5/5

Magnitude of Event: Matchup of 2 top-5 teams. Pretty big. Rating: 11/15

Size of Crowd: Much better than last time. About 2/3 full, although many were Princeton fans. Rating: 9/15

Other total: 25/35

Final: 96/125

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