Schedule Through Sunday October 17

as promised (yesterday) here is the schedule through October 17th (Sunday)

By the way, I am selling a ticket to the Away Soccer game at St. John’s this Saturday. Ticket includes admission and bus. Cost is face value of $4 (because I want as many people as possible to go, but at the same time I am not a charity.) Must be a UConn Student. (I will not make you show ID but the bus will.) Contact me for info.


(Y) = Definitely Attending

(P) = Probably Attending

(M) = Maybe Attending

(D) = Doubtful Attending

Friday October 15th:

Women’s Soccer vs. Notre Dame 4:30 PM (D)

First Night Men’s and Women’s Basketball 7:00 PM (Y) Note: While commentary will be provided for this, no rating will be made

Saturday October 16th:

Women’s Volleyball vs. St. John’s 2:00 PM (M)

Sunday October 17th:

Women’s Soccer vs. DePaul 1:00 PM (M)

Women’s Field Hockey vs. Princeton 2:00 PM (M)

Note: I will almost certainly be attending one of these. Which one is TBD. I may also go to the first half of soccer before heading to Field Hockey. We will see.


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