October 2: Football vs. Vanderbilt

What: Football vs. Vanderbilt

When: October 2, 2010 12:00 PM

Result: Win 40-21

Summary: Homecoming here at Rentschler Field. Sold out crowd to witness a win. We got down 21-14 but came back to score 26 unanswered points. And I won 2 tickets to the Beef O’Brady’s Bowl (in St. Petersburg, Florida). Their website held a contest to predict the score of the game (they have a different one each week). I guessed UConn 28-17. Didn’t happen. But nobody got it exactly, so they randomly picked a winner from those who had the correct team winning. And it was me. But unfortunately, since I didn’t get it exactly, I don’t get lodging or airfare included. So I’m not going unless UConn makes it, and even then I might not. I’ll post more info on these tickets in December once I have them and we know who is playing there. Stay tuned! Anyway, here’s the ratings. And I also have reports for Men’s Soccer on last Saturday vs. Seton Hall and Field Hockey last Wednesday against Yale. Those will be up here tomorrow probably. And after this gets up, I will be posting a list of events through Sunday.



Fan Friendliness: Solid crowd cheering UConn on. Weren’t getting too dirty, and were having fun. Rating: 9/10

Fan Enthusiasm: Very enthusiastic crowd, chanting and cheering. Got very exciting. A lot of people left when it was another home blowout, but oh well. Rating: 13/15

Event Atmosphere: Loud, rowdy, awesome. And it was homecoming, which meant the singing of the Alma Matter, and a ton of people being honored in timeouts. Very fun. Rating: 13/15

Atmosphere total: 35/40


Quality of play: Vandy gave us a run for our money in the first half, before we pulled away. Every game it seems we play well for some stretch and horrendously for the rest. You saw what we did on ESPN Friday Night at Rutgers. Outscored them 17-0 in about 5 minutes there in the end of the first half, and they outscored us 27-7 for the rest of the game. But enough on that. Anyway, we struggled for a stretch in the first half, trailing at home 21-14 first time this year we were losing at home, but other than that we played excellently. And Vandy played well too for most of the game. Rating: 16/20

Excitement: First half was exciting. Then we ran away with it and people started leaving. So it’s a bit ok. Rating: 7/10

Quality of Uconn Play: Overall a good showing except that little blip in the first half. Rating: 8/10

Result: Win 10/10

On-field overall: 41/50


Clarity of Fan Communication: PA announcer was good. No problems. Ref was good with saying what penalties were. Rating: 5/5

Magnitude of Event: It was homecoming. Big game therefore. But still a non-conference game. But we could beat Vandy, unlike our next home game West Virginia. And September 25th (our previous game against Buffalo) was way too early to have it. Rating: 12/15

Size of Crowd: Sold out. So perfect. Rating: 15/15

Other total: 32/35

Overall: 108/125

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