October 1: Women’s Volleyball vs. Louisville

What: Women’s Volleyball vs. Louisville

When: Friday, October 1 7:00 PM

Result: Loss 3-0 (25-21, 25-11, 25-12)

Write-up: Hello, again. Sorry for the absence, I haven’t had time to do this. But I have gone to events, so here we go again. I got to the Gampel before the game started for once. And stayed for the whole thing before heading over to late night at Union. It was pretty fun. And a lot of the Louisville players are from Russia or other former Soviet countries (like Uzbekistan.) At one point one of them yelled something, and I couldn’t tell if she said “Net!” or “Nyet!”. They should name their fan club something along those lines. Like “Nyet Fans”. On second thought, probably not that. “Nyet Fans” could better be applied to us.



Fan Friendliness: Overall a good atmosphere. Pretty fun. Some creepy guy kept swinging his wife beater over his head while in the meantime having no top on, but other than that it was fine. Still, creepy guy detracts from the rating a bit. Rating: 7/10

Fan Enthusiasm: Guys behind the Louisville side screaming “Oh-o-o-o-” every time they served. And overall, the crowd cheered when we scored and were still good sports when we didn’t. But they weren’t that loud. Nice. Rating: 9/15

Event Atmosphere: On-field contest featuring some guy trying to serve a volleyball over the net and hit some t-shirts which were lined up. And what he hit, he won. But he didn’t win anything after 3 tries and a second (fourth?) chance try. Oh well. He was fun. Rating: 11/15

Overall Atmosphere rating: 27/40


Quality of Play: First set was pretty competitive, but then we just fell apart and made stupid errors. Overall, somewhat decent. Rating: 15/20

Excitement: First set was pretty exciting, but then it fell off. And we knew it was over basically by the time the 3rd set started, and maybe even before. Rating: 4/10

Quality of UConn Play: We played decently in the first set, then struggled. But it was a good fight for a little while. Rating: 6/10

Result Loss 0/10

On-field rating: 25/50


Clarity of Fan Communication: No complaints here. Announcer was fine. Rating: 5/5

Magnitude of Event: Louisville is a major team, and to beat them would have been huge. We didn’t, but it was still exciting. Rating: 10/15

Size of Crowd: Volleyball Exemption (which states that since Gampel is designed for Basketball, we can’t penalize Volleyball for being 90% empty) prevents this from failing. It was about 15% full, which for volleyball is good. Rating: 7/15

Other total: 22/35

Total Rating: 74/125

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